Collection: N Scale

Leadville Designs is extremely proud to offer highly innovative models in all scales and N is no exception. We take the same care in our R&D in N and we think it shows. Each model is carefully researched and designed in 3D. Some components are 3D printed using our refined printing processes to yield superior product that is on par with injected plastic. Some components are etched in a variety of metals including brass and nickel silver. Lettering is also part of the integrated design process to ensure perfection.

Our first offerings will focus on some wonderful N&W prototypes. currently we have the K2a 4-8-2 mountains available in limited numbers. Coming this summer will be the M and M2c class 4-8-0s with both 9K and 15K tenders equipped with 4 or 6 wheel trucks accurate for the N&W.

These runs of locos rely on heavily modified Bachmann mechanisms. In the future we will be developing our own mechanisms and running gear. 

Locos are sold RTR painted and lettered powered by the Soundtraxx Tsunami 2 1100 DCC decoders and speakers. 

We invite everyone to reach out to us for answers on these truly exciting developments!

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