N Scale N&W Class M2c 4-8-0

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Our model uses the new Bachmann USRA 2-8-0 mechanism which we heavily modify to make it accurate for the M2c class. The boilers are high res 3D printed using N&W drawings. Windows and steps are our own nickel silver etchings. The tender body, like the boiler; is high res 3D printed along with the floor. We have two style of tenders and trucks as the N&W seemed like to keep us guessing as what type of tender went with what. Currently we have the 9K and 15K tenders and 4 and 6 wheel trucks that are dead accurate for the N&W. Trucks are brass castings with NWSL axles. Soundtraxx Tsunami 2 1100 steam DCC provides the power and sound. A Soundtraxx high quality speaker provides the music.

Lettering is our own design exclusively for this loco class. 

Each loco comes assembled, painted, tested, and programmed and are made to order. 

To order these special locos, a deposit of $100 is required to secure your interest.