Collection: HO/HOn3 Heritage Series

The Leadville Designs Heritage line of kits leverages the latest in CAD and 3D printing technologies. We spent months analyzing the printing process and engineered out the aspects that we felt were holding back the medium as the next wave of modeling. If you have had the opportunity to inspect 3D printed models chances are you have seen surface deformities that obscure detail and just plain look bad. Now yes, there are high resolution printing services available but these are, at this time, prohibitively expensive. We have been working with domestic 3D printing service bureaus and have developed design methods that mitigate the risk to print products that would not pass our standards but at the same time, remain cost effective.  We are committed to remaining at the cutting edge of the technology to improve quality while reducing product cost.


Our Heritage line of kits are what we think, pretty darned cool. They comprise of a main body print, a roof print, and a very small set of added details (for example, boxcar doors) a set of fine brass etchings, brass wire, and when needed, San Juan Models (formerly Grandt Line) details and our own dedicated decal lettering. Each kit is painstakingly researched and 99% of the detail printed in place with ultra high resolution 3D printing. Assembly time is fast and enjoyable. Printed components are factory cleaned and primed, ready for you to add the details. Most assembly can be completed in an evening or afternoon. The cars are designed so that Kadee couplers just drop into place in our designed in draft housings.


While we do not include trucks we do have available trucks for the kits where none were previously commercially available. Check our “Truck” links to find the trucks that you need.

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