Summer 2020 Need to Make Room Sale!

As we have many new projects in the works, it became clear that some products would need clearing out. With that in mind, we are passing on substantial savings to our valued customers. Our O and S St. Charles (AC&F) 34' wood boxcar with Wagoner Doors are now available at $99.95 for O scale and $79.95 for S scale. A substantial saving!

...But wait! There’s more!

These kits now come with additional parts to facilitate the side doors opening to the right or left and come with lettering for AT&SF as well as Colorado Midland.

Lastly, we can accommodate bulk orders for folks with big dreams. Please feel free to reach out at any time.


We are Leadville Designs, your boutique supplier of finescale models. Our goal is to provide the finest model railroad products in all scales. Using the latest computer driven technologies, our products are designed and virtually tested in 2D or 3D CAD environments extensively before being made available. All our products are based on builder’s blue prints, library sourced data, and photo resources. If any of this sounds familiar, it should! Leadville Designs is a spinoff of The Leadville Shops and is piloted by Bill Meredith.

All of our products are domestically produced and sourced using only the finest materials and suppliers.

Welcome to our site. We are sure you will find something that will catch your attention. We are passionate about trains; just like you. 

DSP&P 27' Boxcar in On3/30 and Sn3. Available NOW!

Colorado Midland 34' Boxcar in S. Available NOW!

D&RG 28' Coal Car in On3/30 and Sn3. Available NOW!

Uintah #21 in On3 in gleaming Brass!

Custom Building & Designing

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Custom Decals

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