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Most of you saw my recent posting on Facebook showing samples of the etched and laser cut nickel silver locomotive components. The advent of this technology is nothing short of a game changer in the realm of model locomotive construction. With incredible fidelity and precision, we can now reliably create components in a variety of metals for our models.

It’s time to move forward!

About a year ago, there was some interest in producing RTR models of Mason 2-6-6s and 2-8-6s, (DSP&P), 0-6-6s (NPC Bully Boy). In addition to this, there was interest in the NPC #21 4-4-0 cab forward. The drew interest in all three scales (HOn3, Sn3, and On3) while at this point, interest for the 2-8-6 and #21 was only expressed for Sn3.

About the models. The models will be based on Art Wallace’s and David Fletcher’s wonderful drawings. As for which DSP&P Masons are on the list you have a wide flexibility as far as which loco you might want. The only real consideration is whether reliable livery information exists for the ‘as delivered’ versions. You have full freedom to choose the model you like.

The drive trains consist of custom ball bearing gearbox with custom cut gears. The gearboxes will have double reduction and be driven by excellent coreless motors. The Masons will have a special motor drive that will not inhibit bogie swivel. A large number of custom brass castings will be required but OEM castings of quality will be used whenever to keep costs down and support our few casting suppliers. Driver rims are stainless and produced exclusively for these models.

Each model comes painted with DCC and sound. The price for the locos will vary between $2500 and $3500 depending on scale and complexity of the lettering and paint. Of course, if there is a greater demand for any of
the specific models, then economies of scale will help keep costs down.

Each model will be assigned a unique serial number and will be cataloged as you being the owner.

How to get on board?

At this point I am asking for a refundable commitment of interest. A down payment of $450 per loco. This is because I have to commit to custom cut gears and rims.  The timeframe
for delivery is ~2 years from the start of construction. Construction is tentatively planned to commence in early 2024, once the Colorado Midland 2-8-0s are done.

Thanks again to everyone who reached out. You guys are the best!



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