Collection: Modeler's Co-Op 2022 Roll out

Thanks to all who stepped up with their passions! The response was awesome! I had my work cut out for me planning for 2022 with such an eclectic mix of projects. In the end the strategy was to respect the order in which people signed on while trying to address the many interests. Some of the projects can be done in parallel. At this point, the roll out for 2022 is set to:

1. D&RG 3000 series boxcar as delivered (HO &S). This kit will follow in the tradition of the AC&F cars but with all new hardware and sill layout.  Lettering will be in the 1903-1920 "D&RG" setup.  ETA: March

2. Carter Brothers SPC 28' combo boxcar (HO/S/O). ETA: April.

3. Pullman Sleeper (HO/S/O). This car will be released in a series of variations starting with the Palace sleeper (42' body) with lettering for the DSP&P and D&RG cars. That is, the letterboard will state "Pullman Sleeping Car" but there will be correct names for the cars that plied the DSP&P and names for the cars that ran the D&RG. Future variation will include the Tourist sleeper, the C&S coach #62, and C&S #910 Business car.  Initial roll out scheduled for Fall 2022.

4. D&RGW 9600 series pipe gon (HO/S/O. Cut down from standard gauge boxcars, these cars are unique. These kits will be predominantly etched brass using fold and tab architecture. Correct trucks will also be produced if needed. ETA June.

5.  C&S Cinder car and UP/C&S 4200-4400 series coal gons (HO/S/O) Given the similar nature of these cars, combining them made sense. Expect these in the Fall.

6. DSP&P Way car (HO/S/O). These will have laser wood, etched and cast brass components. Expect these in the summer.

7. C&S Baggage cars (HO/S/O). Fall 2022!

8. UP/C&S Peninsular Coal cars (HO/S/O) Later Fall 2022

9. D&RG 4000 30' Boxcar in revenue and MOW configurations (HO/S/O). The revenue kit will include all options for you to build the car as either "as delivered" with straight air, pre safety appliance and wood roof or post safety with Murphy roof and WABCO. It will be very cool. Fall.

10 D&RG B&S stock car (HO/O) In keeping with the early Colorado B&S heritage, this car will fit right in and a car that has never been offered before. Fall.

There are others of course. Expect to see a lot more California SP/NCNG/NCO/NPC/SPC etc cars as well as more Colorado NG.  Also expect to see more buildings, locomotive subjects and parts, decals...

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