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Thanks to all who stepped up with their passions! You guys have been simply AWESOME! It's been a very successful 2022 and it's not even over yet. This year we released kits for the SPC 28' boxcar, the SP 28' boxcar, the D&RG 3000, and the D&RGW 9600. In the coming weeks the kits for the Pullman series (keeping in mind there are 12 unique variations!) will be shipped. It's been a marathon year. So, what's next?

1.  C&S Cinder car and UP/C&S 4200-4400 series coal gons (HO/S/O) Given the similar nature of these cars, combining them made sense. 

2. DSP&P Way car (HO/S/O). These will have laser wood, etched and cast brass components. 

3. C&S Baggage cars (HO/S/O). 

4. UP/C&S Peninsular Coal cars (HO/S/O) Later Fall 2023


5. D&RG B&S stock car (HO/O) In keeping with the early Colorado B&S heritage, this car will fit right in and a car that has never been offered before. 

6. D&RG Bobber caboose ca. 1890. How cool is that? HO/S/O. 

7.  Dolly Varden Mines hopper. Yup! you read that right. These will be showstoppers. HO/S/O.

8. D&RG B&S 24' boxcar in HO. Expect to see the reefer configs at the same time. 

9. D&RGW MOW 0250/0252 in HO/S/O. 

10. Hold your hat... DSP&P/NPC Mason Bogies in brass. These ARE going ahead. I'm still figuring out if these will be kits or RTR.  The market for kits and the amount of time it takes to prepare proper, usable documentation is a consideration. 

11. Still got a hold on that hat? NPC cab forward. S at any rate... Any takers?

I try to cover as broad an interest range during scheduling so the order may include different types of kits in each production cycle. The locos will take a couple of years to develop. Lastly, this list is subject to change. There are 3 production cycles per year, winter, Spring, and Fall. 

Thanks again to everyone and please reach out with any questions or requests!




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