HOn3 Carter Bros. 3'8" Trucks
HOn3 Carter Bros. 3'8" Trucks

HOn3 Carter Bros. 3'8" Trucks

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These trucks are the perfect addition for our Carter 28' Combo boxcar. Consisting of beautiful cast brass bolster, sideframes and brake beams; a complete set of etched brass brake beam hangers and brake levers, and axles and brass wire for the brake rods. A very complete kit that is easy to assemble loaded with detail.


Assembly Instructions:

1. Remove the castings from the tree carefully with cutters and then with a jeweler's file, dress the castings to remove any bumps.
2. Test fit the sideframes on the bolster. The brass is quite soft so it may have bent slightly but this can be easily corrected with slight finger pressure.
3. Attach one of the sideframes to the bolster. This can be done by either solder or glue. Note that you can crimp the bolster onto the sideframe mounting hub with a pair of pliers and then glue or solder.
4. Insert axles and opposite sideframe.
5. Secure opposite sideframe to the bolster. Check that all 4 wheels sit flat. If it sits unevenly, use some gentle finger pressure to straighten the assembly.
6. From the etchings, retrieve the brake beam hanger strap.
7. Note the fold lines (4 of them) and gently fold the strap as per illustration. 
8. Fold the two brake straps down to 90 degrees of the strap. The brake beams attach to these straps.
9. Glue/solder the brake beams to these straps.
10. Position the brake beam/strap assemblies on the truck sideframes ensuring the do not touch the wheels. Secure into place with solder/glue.
11. Optionally glue/solder the brake levers to the brake beams. These locate on the insides of the beams with the shorter end above the beams and at an oblique angle. There are brass wires included for you to install rods.